Freight Shipping Glossary

AMERICAN FREIGHT SHIPPING- The Elite Glossary Of Freight Shipping Services Terms

AMERICAN FAK CONSOLIDATION- Transformed Services Inc. defines American  FAK Consolidation as Shipping Freight Of All Kinds. Shipping FAK Freight includes regular palletized shrink wrapped Freight. American Shipping Services will bundle your Freight with other American Freight and Shipping​ Freight to a central Freight Shipping Distribution point. This is a great option for Nationwide American Logistic Freight Shipping Services. Most Parcel Delivery Services utilize FAK Consolidation.
AMERICA LOGISTICS- America Logistics is the management involved in America SupplyChain Management that controls people, places, things, and monetary investment. Implementation, and strategic planning create an effective America Forward Freight Shipping Flow and America Reverse Freight Shipping Flow. America White Glove Delivery Services, America FTL Freight Shipping, America LTL Freight Shipping, America Hot Shot Services, Freight Storage Solutions, Inventory Storage Solutions, Freight Warehousing​, and 3pl all work together in the Freight Shipping Services Supply Chain Management to create an effective Freight​ Shipping Logistics and Fulfillment Center of Operations.
America Forward Freight Shipping Flow- America Forward Freight Shipping Flow is a major part of the America Logistics, and America Supply Chain. America Forward Freight Shipping Flow accounts for all people, places, things, and monetary investment originating from the American Manufacturing Industry and moving towards the end user.
America Reverse Freight Shipping Flow- America Reverse Freight Shipping Flow is an integral part of the America Logistics, and America Supply Chain. America Reverse Freight Shipping Flow accounts for all people, places, things, and monetary investment originating from the end user and moving towards another end user or the original manufacturer.
America Freight Storage Solutions- America Freight Storage Solutions encompasses America Freight Shipping Services Loads that have been put on hold in transit, or are overstock. This is temporarily put aside FTL or LTL Freight Shipping Services Loads. The common uses of this service include seasonal stock, or products, Freight Shipping Services Loads that have been delayed due to weather, market conditions, Freight Shipping Optimizations​, and other Freight Shipping Broker Errors. America Supply Chain Management- America Supply Chain Management is the oversight of materials, products, goods, and services necessary for America Freight Shipping. Includes, Freight Shipping Services 3pl, Freight Shipping Services Warehousing, America Freight Shipping Storage Solutions, and America Delivery Services.
America Freight Warehousing- America Freight Warehousing is comprised of America Inventory Controls Storage, America Freight Storage, America Fulfillment Services, America Distribution, and America Logistics.
America Inventory Controls Storage- America Inventory Controls Storage consists of storing itemized Inventory for later Shipping, Quality Control, General Freight Storage, Fulfillment, or Distribution.
American​ Fulfillment Services- American​ Fulfillment Services consists of Packaging America Freight Shipping and America Distribution once order for the Itemized Inventory has been placed. We the use America Logistics and America Freight Shipping, America Freight Courier, or America Hot Shot (America LTL) the Inventory to the proper location and present invoice on behalf of our America Clientele.
America 3PL Services- America 3PL Services stands for America 3rd Party Logistics. We have 3PL International Services available from all America Airports that support America 3PL. We are able to find our Clientele the best value when America Freight Shipping Overseas.
America White Glove Delivery Services- American White Glove Delivery Services is the Transformed Services Inc.'s Elite Services Division. Encompassing America Medical Freight Shipping Courier Services, Move America Services, America Delivery Services, American Freight Shipping Courier Services. Choosing the White Glove Delivery Services ensures higher protective, security, insurance, restoration, America Freight Services. Dust free environments, shoe/boot removal or booties when in client premises. Any strategic planning necessities for America Clientele Satisfaction.
American Medical Freight Shipping Courier Services- American Medical Freight Shipping Courier supplies America Freight Shipping Services for the Medical Industry. All Freight Shipping is devoted to ISO 9001, ISO 13000, ISO 14000 and ISO 31000 Certifications. We have a whole state of the art facility and staff at the American​ Medical Freight Shipping Courier Services, for all of our America Clientele at your disposal.
America Moves- Move America is a division of Transformed Services Inc. that strictly focuses on local and America Statewide Moving Services. We move whole America Convention Centers to America Studio Apartments. We are able to Move America Small Business One Man Shops to Large America Mall Relocations.
America Delivery Services- American Delivery Services routinely brings Parcels and Packages from address to address. As part of our America Logistics Division we cover America everyday for you. Couple our America Delivery Services with America Courier Services and your parcels and packages arrive on time Guaranteed.