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White Glove Services
Transformed Services Inc.Secure Transport Solutions
Security Built into Our Freight Shipping These days times dictate that security measures are more important than ever for your Freight Shipping Services. Transformed Services Inc. can and will provide an ensemble of Freight Shipping Services Industry White Glove Services Security Features:

Transformed Services Inc. maintains a fleet of  vehicles provide all 50 United States, Canada, and Mexico, with front door White Glove Services. With only your shipment in the vehicle White Glove Services are able to secure and enable Freight Shipping Services to be customized to the Clientele's White Glove Services desires, White Glove Services Protocols, and Necessities.
GPS tracks in real time Freight Shipping monitoring with two-way, on-board satellite communication.
Transformed Services Inc. has implemented shipment intervention, live feed video surveillance with notifications and White Glove Services contingency plans accordingly.Same Day Shipping, Hot Shot Services, Logistics, 3pl, Fulfillment, and Inventory Management Services integrated seamlessly into our personalized White Glove Services to Guarantee Clientele Experience​ results in Clientele Retention year after year.

Transformed Services Inc. offers our White Glove Services and without a doubt they are in adherence and accordance to clientele specific Industry Standards and Specifications.  At a minimum, all White Glove Delivery Services adhere to the ISO 9001 standard.  Check with us and we will fulfill any certification necessary to sustain clientele throughout all Logistical Processes.  From Oil Rig supplying, to Supermarket Cooking Oil our White Glove Service will surpass all Client Based Necessities. 

 Security concerns Supply Chain Security
We are all so concerned with Shipping Freight and Shipping Cargo. It's imperative to reduce risks wherever possible. As well as, mandated that some risks are completely nullified.As a whole, American government has enacted several regulations yearly for as far back as we can remember. To stay up to date on the ebbing swell of Shipping Services Protocols we are forward thinking and contribute proactively.Shipping Services with relationship to other governments can at times be challenging but you stay confident that we at Transformed Services Inc. are up to date with all Shipping Freight Requirements, and proactively minimize risks related to theft, terrorism, corruption, and other related crimes. Documentation is key when we enter other countries, at their given borders. We strictly adhere to all customs agencies rules and regulations.
As a whole Transformed Services Inc., and the United States have been one of the leaders in the securement of Shipping Freight, and Shipping Cargo.We see Freight, and Cargo Shipping as a potential concern of importance in the National Security of America. Serving all of North America, we have the obligation to ensure that all Cargo and Freight is free of any potential hazards. We take this Shipping Responsibility as a reward for the continued faithfulness​ to the Shipping Services Industry.
With the implementation of CSI: Container Security Initiative we are well on our way to securing the future of American Logistic Freight Shipping Services for the next generation. There are over 6 million Cargo Containers Shipped in our American Borders every year. Know that we are going to do our part to ensure your family's Security through our thorough Shipping Services Standard of Excellence and Dedication.

We provide multiple stages of security measures for your safety including:
In-House Security FeaturesEmergency Alert Capable VehiclesInterstate - Intrastate Security EscortsInvoice will contain a Digital Copy of Driver IdentificationBackground check on all employeesRoutine Physicals on all employees to ensure proper health and hygieneShipment Summary for all possible contingencyCUSTOMIZED Standard Operations and ProceduresMobile Alerts by the arrival of States of Ground Transported, Dock By Sea, Landings By AirOnline Real Time GPS Tracking